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National School of Drama, Bengaluru Centre

5th Batch Students Presents the play ‘ANIMAL FARM’

About the play

Uncle Johns enjoys life to its fullest at the cost of his farm-house animals who do all the physical labours and yield crops for him. But these poor animals usually remain hungry and stay terrified by Mr. Johns every time. The tragic condition of these poor animals one day forces them to start revolt against Mr. Johns and removed him from the farm house. The animals, now free from the clutch of man and plan to run the farm by their own. They establish equality through a slogan- ‘Animalism’, with 5 amendments. Equality and comradeship become the rule of their living style.

But with the passing time, some animals feel themselves more privileged and superior than the others. Napoleon, a pig declares himself the self-styled leader by changing the commandment, that “All animals are equal but a few animals are more equal than the others.” He starts killing other comrades by tricks, who try to envision the future of the animal farm differently. With the help of nasty politics and greed for power, the pig Napoleon succeeds in ruling over other animals by spreading terror in the farm.


Music Operation                      – Raghav Kumar, Swami, Sumukha Rao, P Panchali Rajan, Vadapalli Devi
Naga Sai Soujanya

Light Design                             –  Raghav Prakash Mishra

Pster and Broacher Design    – Muniraju

Music Design                            – S. D Arvind

Makeup                                      – Ramkrishna Beltur

Choreography                           – Parth Bhardhvaj B

Costume and                            – Apoorva Anagalli
Assistant Direction

Kannada Translation             – C Basavalingaiah

Design and Direction            – Prof. Sathyabrath Raut


Date and Time : 3rd and 4th JUly, 2019 @ 7.00PM

Venue                : Ravindra Kalakshetra, J C Road, Bangalore



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