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About Kusuma Baale:

The novel Kusumabale was written by Sh Devanooru Mahadeva, published in the year 1984. Like all his other works, Sh Mahadeva employs the dialect spoken in places in and around Nanjangud to a mesmerizing effect. The narration, style, technique and aspirations of the novel contribute to its beauty binding the reader to a prolonged spell of aesthetic gratification. T.P. Ashoka, noted critic, describes Kusuma Bale as a work that employed the aspects of folk mythology. ‘Kusuma Bale is nearer to the form, style and aspirations of a purana. It is a kind of Janapada purana (folk mythology). Sh Mahadeva is not telling the story of dalits in Kusuma Bale. One feels he is telling a dalita purana in it.’ Famous writer and critic G S Amoora describes Kusuma Bale as ‘a piece of literature which depicts the cultural aspects of an entire community. Writers who have had the grasp of the culture of a community are very rare.

Kusumabale heralds an important literary event in the context of creative expression in Kannada. Its constitution, the dialect, nature of narration; aspect and the stance are not only new and fresh, but unusual too, which poses hosts of questions regarding the central concern, communication and the shape of the novel itself. The novel not only depicts the contemporary realities of dalit life but also aspires to catch its essence by employing the folk, mythological, and legendary realms, which have been, etched deep in the dalit psyche.

Director – C Basavalingaiah,

Music – B V Karanth

Music Re-organization – Pitchalli Srinivas and Gajanana T Naika

Costumes – N Mangala

Lights – M Ravi and Vinay Chavan

Make up – Ramakrishna Belthur





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