Faculty Staff


Smt .Shilpa Arunkumar
Programme Co-ordinator

She is Post graduate. She has done her Vidwath in Bhratanatyam & is graded Doordarshan artist. She is also a carnatic Classical Singer practising her Vidwath studies in it. Prior to NSD she has work experience in Instem, Cyient and Kingfisher Airlines. Shilpa has directed Plays during her college and School days. She was awarded as a�?Best Actressa�? for her role in the play Corporation Lorry at State Children theatre Festival.


Smt .Kusuma Pavan
Senior Clerk

She has done her Clinical Psychology at Bangalore University, and also worked as Therapist for 6 months. After that since From 2014 Aug 31st working at NSD Bangalore,



Smt .ArpitaA�lingaraj
Junior Clerk

She has done her Telecommunication Eng at VTU University. She was a Lecture at Rural Polytechnic Haunsabhavi. and has work experience as office Admin at Axis Technology Solutions. Now from 2017 Feb 15th started career in NSD Centre Bangalore.


Renuka Siddi
Hostel Caretaker

She is a care taker of hostel; she is Diploma in Theatre from Neenasam. Done with Neenasam Thirugata 5 years.And also directed many Street plays. She will teach KOLATA, YAKSHAGANA, HEJJE KUNITHA, KALLARI, and KAMSALE. She had worked with Raayasam team as well as Siddi Kalathanda team. She has been part of Dharwada��s Gombe Mane-puppet making. She had organized many summer camps for children. She has acted in 45 Plays. She conducts acting classes and theatre games for PhD & MA students. And also she will design the costumes. Renuka Siddi worked with Prominent Directors like Sh.Basavaliangaiah, Sh.Chidambar Rao Jambe, Sh.K.V Akshara, Sh.Raghunandan. Sh.Suni Hudugi, Sh.Venkataramana Ithal, Sh.Prasanna, Sh.MAnju Kodagu, Sh. Prasad Vanarase, Sh.Gowri Vanarase. Sh.Kannai Lal, Sh.Savithri. SH.Prakash Garuda, Sh.Nataraj Honnavalli,Iqbal Ahmad, Evlin Poland.


Mr. Siddappa Doddamani

He has completed his ITI course and worked initially as a post master. His immense passion for theatre is reflected in his associateions with production like a�?Manushya Jaati Taanonde Olama�?, a�?Malegalalli Madhimagalua�?, a�?Karnabharaa�? and a�?Kondawaryarua�? dramas. He is not only good actor but good also a good singer.


A�Mr. Chandrakanth Natekar
Gurunanak Bhavan Manager